Care Services

Demopolis families trust us with their family member’s care.

We employ qualified and professional registered and licensed nurses plus certified nursing assistants. We continuously strive to improve patient care through continuing education opportunities for our staff. Along with each resident’s attending physician, our team develops a personalized plan of care to meet each resident’s individual needs.

Care Services

  • Skilled Nursing and Physical Rehabilitation
  • Social Services
  • Recreational Therapy
  • Dietary services and nutrition planning

Nursing Services

  • Qualified and professional registered and licensed nurses plus certified nursing assistants
  • Ongoing continuing education opportunities
  • Nurses work with each resident’s doctor to create a personalized care plan

Physical Rehabilitation Services

  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy

Social Services

  • Social worker assists families on meeting the medical, social and emotional needs of their loved one
  • A secure, comfortable, continually monitored living area
  • Individualized, personal care for each resident’s needs and preferences
  • Structured, stimulating activities engage both mind and body
  • Support and education for family members and caregivers

Whole-Person Care

At Woodhaven Manor, we care for the whole person. Together with family members, we work to nurture the emotional and social needs of every resident, in addition to physical and medical care.

Social Services

Our Social Worker works closely with family members to ensure that we are meeting the medical, social and emotional needs of each resident.

Recreational Therapy

Residents are encouraged to maintain past interests and pursue new ones. Social gatherings, movies, arts and crafts, music and exercise fill our event calendar.

Dietary Services

Our Registered Dietician creates delicious, well-balanced Southern menus inspired by traditional home cooking. Special diets and requests are served daily.

Staff Training

Our entire staff routinely receives in-service educational training to better meet the needs of our residents.